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Improve the Curb Appeal of your Home

  • Real Estate
  • August 10, 2017
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Curb appeal is very important for your house regardless of whether you are putting it up for sale or not. In real estate, aesthetics plays a crucial part. First impressions matter a lot and anybody driving in should have a pleasant first impression. So how do you ensure that your house has a charming curb appeal?

  • Front Yard – This is the first point of contact between a visitor and your home and should therefore be kept in a perfect well maintained condition. Keep the grass always mowed down to the desired length and your garden free of weeds. Have your trees trimmed and pruned periodically by a tree care agency if you are not the DIY types. And finally, a bit of landscaping does enhance visual appeal to a great extent. It is not necessary that you have a sprawling estate to do so; small gardens can be tastefully landscaped as well as their larger counterparts.

  • The Exteriors – Maintenance for the exteriors depends on the material you are working on. Check whether wood work like doors or windows has the gleaming polished look without chipped paint and flakes coming off. For brickwork, have the walls power washed every six months or so. This will protect the paint from fading over time too. The roof gutters should be kept clear and all leaves, dirt and dust should be vacuum cleaned compulsorily after fall and early spring. Stagnant waters can seep down the walls staining it and even right down to the foundation. This will necessitate costly repairs which you can well avoid with timely cleaning.

  • Windows – Ensure that the window panes are kept clean both inside out. For second storeyed or more homes, hire a window cleaner to clear the exterior glass panes once in a while. Make sure that the sliding grooves are working well. Have them repaired immediately if otherwise. Not only does a closed window pane with a visible gap with the siding look odd, it will not keep your home well insulated too. Arranging for quick repairs is definitely a much better option than paying high energy bills.

  • Driveway – Keeping your driveway in good condition is essential for adding curb value to your home. However, the maintenance schedule depends entirely on the type of driveway you have. Gravel driveway requires the most maintenance followed by asphalt, concrete and paved driveway in that order. On the cost front it is just reverse. Paver driveway is the most expensive to install followed by concrete, asphalt and gravel. The maintenance work will be different for each of them so it is advisable to contact a home builder to periodically inspect the driveway and service it. Minor things like removing stains from concrete driveways and filling in ruts in gravel and asphalt can be taken care of by you. Power washing paved driveways is usually enough to bring out the lustre again.


A word of caution here will be in order. Whenever you are hiring tradesmen ensure that they are certified, licensed and bonded. This will save you unnecessary problems should anything go wrong.


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