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Real estate is property that has land and building, agricultural crops and forested land, natural resources, water bodies and immovable properties. It can be one or more or a combination of any one of them. The real estate business is the profession of buying and selling real estate and renting land and buildings. Real estate is a common term that has legal sanctity in countries that follow the jurisdictions of English common law such as the United States, Canada, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

There are many aspects to real estate and the purpose of our blog site is to bring news, information and legal aspects of real estate to our readers. These are people who are professionals in this field as well as those who want to know more on this subject with an objective of making it big in this line of work.

To make our blog spot truly successful and meaningful, we invite write-ups on any topic pertaining to real estate from those who have the required know-how and are experienced in dealing with real estate.

To make the task of you, the blogger easy, we give a few examples of the areas that you can touch upon.

Property and business lawyers can focus on various aspects of the process of conveyancing and the do’s and don’ts of buying and selling property and their legal ramifications. Those who are real estate agents can offer tips to our readers on what to look for when buying property especially houses. This will surely interest our readers as investing in buying a home is usually a once in a lifetime opportunity and it is always preferable to know in details it’s many aspects before taking the step.

Another aspect that can be dealt with by contributors to our site is the various types of real estate. This is more often than not a matter of confusion for the common man. What is the difference between an apartment and a condominium or a multi-family house and a cooperative? What represents semi-detached duplex and detached dwellings? Only experts can correctly explain the exact meaning of these types of real estate.

We once again request bloggers and experts in real estate to contribute to our blog on this subject for the benefit of our readers.